Posted in June 2009

Think of Him as a Best Buddy

  I have this friend that sends me an email every so often. Not one of those pesty “forward this to 8 friends or go broke” kind of emails, but a warm greeting, as if he was just telling me the highlights of his day that I might enjoy. He is generous to a fault. … Continue reading

Spring Market: revisited

Photo from Spring Market in Pittsburgh: There was a park directly across from the hotel. A quiet place, filled with beautiful pigeons. They were cooing in the trees late in the evening. And speaking of Market: I just received threads from AuriFil… Thank you ALEX! These will go into the book. I have to send … Continue reading

Belated Painting Day posting

Due to technical difficulties (could not get images out of the camera…), this is a belated posting. I am getting ready for JANOME Institute, where I will be teaching an All About Art Quilting & Thread Painting class. I need to do a lot of prep work so that we can focus on sewing. Each … Continue reading

Measuring Magic

  There was a discussion on the accuracy of rulers vs. mats on a yahoo teachers group today that prompted me to post the following: It is a given that all of the beginner students will love the IDEA of quilting. As beginners they will be discovering WHAT it is they love (or don’t love) … Continue reading

Linked to Lesley

  When falling into the rabbit hole that is the internet, it is always nice to come out with something to show for your time (well) wasted. Today I stumbled upon Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed With Needles, and what a lucky find! Dawn has all sorts of wonderful fibre-type links (check out her featured artists … Continue reading