Posted in February 2010

Taking Aim

One of my favourite artists, Sabrina Ward Harrison is releasing a new gift line for Papaya. Her book, Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself is filled with pure Sabrina. She fearlessly shares her questions and the path towards her answers as expressed in her art. That book is now 10+ years old…. (how did … Continue reading

of hearts

Thinking of hearts this time of year, how we used them in the book and how this disarmingly simple shape can represent something far more complex or, simply be a picture of happiness in a Valentine’s Card. Themes/ Symbols/Motifs… What’s the difference and how do they apply to our fibre art? In literature, writing and … Continue reading

Small Moments

I could not post about Hari Kuyo (pervious post) without having a ceremony of my own. The day did not go as planned… as days have a habit of going. I packed up my ribbons and needles and headed to work. I thought that we could do the ceremony there at lunch, since there would … Continue reading

Fabric Embellishing: A Biased Review

I’ll admit it; I can not expect anyone to believe that I can make an unbiased review of Fabric Embellishing: The Basics & Beyond because it is written by my current writing partner (Liz) and it is published by my current publisher (Landauer). I suppose that makes me doubly biased? So there is is: my declaration … Continue reading

Color Forecasting

This is “old news.” Turquoise is THE colour of 2010. Mimosa (pantone 14-0848) was 2009’s hue du jour, or so says Pantone and the Color Institute.   Color trends that we see today had to be predicted long before we, the general public, could “consume” them. Fashion, home, beauty, advertising and even quilt shop selections … Continue reading