Where Did Your Needles Take You? Hari Kuyo 2012

Where Did Your Needles Take You? Hari Kuyo 2012

thank you terror thank you disillusionment thank you frailty thank you consequence thank you thank you silence ~ Thank U, Alanis Morissette Hello HARI KUYO: February 8, 2012 An elegant moment; an opportunity to pause and reflect; a time to acknowledge the humility of thanks: Hari Kuyo (otherwise known in Japan as the Festival of … Continue reading

Road Apples

Road Apples

I heard the sad news of Steve Jobs’ passing while on the road to a teaching event (navigating via my iPhone). Steve made my life happier. He helped me to learn and grow. He helped me in my career. He let me PLAY. He made a real difference. My experience is trivial, but together, a … Continue reading

Bundle up your stash for a good cause

You know that feeling when you meet a GOOD person? (Of course anyone can be a good person, but some people simply exude ‘goodness’). They make life feel wonderfully worth earning on a daily basis. I do not know if that makes sense, but I do know that I met such a person. Bev Rogan … Continue reading

Sweetly Simple

Out on a Saturday morning, looking at my cup and thinking about how simplifying the complex equals beautiful space. (taking the black out of the Starbucks logo is such an ‘aha!’) I am a clutterer by nature. Do I first need to overcomplicate to then pare back? Yup! Am I at a point in life … Continue reading

Dog Days and Sparkley Ways

Going to my Happy Place We are now officially through one-third of our transitional stay in Motel du Crust and I am going through serious creative withdrawal. My stuff. Having purged a good deal of it and put the remainder on the truck, I wonder what truly remains of my stash?I miss colour. I miss … Continue reading

Good Night Room

My corner of the world disappears The once burgeoning bat cave has gone from terrifying to tame. My overblown stash of fabrics, threads, paints and ephemera has been stripped down to the essential pieces. Downsizing to a smaller place has challenged me to look closely at what I keep; to ask myself what is important … Continue reading

Voice Training

Class wrap-up and Award Run-up Having gathered together since September, our creative quilting class established a comfort with one another that gently came to replace expectations of “learning more stuff” with “learning important stuff.” The syllabus for the class listed an array of techniques that we would explore, but on our final night I asked … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift

When is motherhood ┬ánot riddled with self-doubt? Mother’s Day, with all of its precious gifts, crafts, cards and “coupons” for completing household chores is a hyper focused day when our little monsters dust off their halos and become the angels that we know are hidden beneath anything from tantrums to the closed off teen years … Continue reading