Posted in July 2009

Fabric Embellishing: Taking the Risk to Blossom

My partner in crime writing is part of a fabulous new book on embellishing from Landauer (our Thread Basics publisher)¬†Fabric Embellishing: The Basics & Beyond. It just went up on Amazon: What a rush to see your work come to life in print, or paint or fabric… Don’t you just need to gaze at it … Continue reading

Am I a SWAG hag?

There are two kinds of artists left: those who endorse Pepsi and those who simply won’t. Annie Lennox Annie makes me want to be on the side of those who won’t endorse. It just sounds so much more pure and good. Artists want purity and goodness (an peace and love and organic foods only eaten … Continue reading

Trailer Lessons

Alice is coming, Alice is coming! March 2010 will see the release of the new Alice in Wonderland from Disney. Seeing the trailer made my art-brain synapses gasp! The color! The madness! The dark-bright Pop! PRACTICE KEY: Looking to an image from a movie can be a great jumping off point for my next creation. … Continue reading

Failure to Launch

My first Juicy Thursday… up at 5:30, dog walked, showered, moisturized with at least 5 steps of creams and potions to keep the wolves of age at bay (a first ¬†day for this regimen also), XL coffee in hand, ready for the maiden voyage of my Thursday tutorial. Photos were done on the weekend… ready … Continue reading

Coming Soon: Juicy Thursdays

Motivator: publicly commit to a deadline. Each thursday, I might be just fearful motivated enough to get moving on getting something done since I am using my out loud voice. Some weeks will be techniques that are new to me while others might be new to you. Mixed in, there will be some reviews of … Continue reading

Altered life

I want to believe. I so want to believe! At the round table review of my life (faith & religion aside), I hope to find Fox Mulder, Kirk AND Picard, Batman, M.Knight, the Area 51 Commander, Edward Scissorhands, the Vampire Lestat and an assortment of Stitch Punks among others raising a glass, giving a nod … Continue reading

Hurt Book Review

How many of us are on the Quilting Arts eMail list? The Hurt Book Sale is a shopping fix on the cheap! Some titles from it that I have on my shelves: HURT – Color Works: The Crafter’s Guide to Color This is the first book to bring the principles of color theory to a … Continue reading

Terry Grant’s Tricked-Out Technique

I saved this reference to my desktop before heading to Institute. Terry Grant has a fabulous, bright, clean and information packed blog. An older post features her finishing technique. It is worth the trip! I L-O-V-E the freedom of a stitch-finished edge as an alternative to binding! It can be so liberating, especially on small … Continue reading

Who’s Your Super Hero?

And what the heck does he (or she) have to do with quilting, stitching or creating? Okay… most people know about the slight Adam West “Blue” Batman thing that I have… including his photo in my very own batcave! But I have another super hero devotion… to none other than Captain Star! What’s not to … Continue reading

I’m a Believer

I am just back from a 9 day trip to Orlando for the JANOME Institute 2009. My husband laughingly called it a “boondoggle” trip. Truth be told, these were often 12 hour days that ended with a return to a nice room with a lovely balcony. I would spend a few minutes on the balcony, … Continue reading