Where Did Your Needles Take You? Hari Kuyo 2012

thank you terror

thank you disillusionment

thank you frailty

thank you consequence

thank you thank you silence

~ Thank U, Alanis Morissette

Hello HARI KUYO: February 8, 2012

An elegant moment; an opportunity to pause and reflect; a time to acknowledge the humility of thanks: Hari Kuyo (otherwise known in Japan as the Festival of Broken Needles (great link Here) , Needle Mass Day or The Pin Festival) is my adopted holiday (or here for last year’s Hari Kuyo Valentine) for taking creative stock. It allows me to look back and peer forward at where my needles take me. This year, we did not travel very far in service to cloth, only in miles. My needles relocated to new surroundings. It has taken a bit of time to settle in, but I think that they are ready to once again bind and deliver new bits of embellished fabric into being.

Take a moment today

to give thanks to the tools of your trade. On Hari Kuyo, we set our old needles into soft beds (cakes or tofu are traditional in Japan – Anything from bread to batting will work – it is the concept of bringing comfort and rest in thanks for diligent service that is important). Pause. Breathe. Cherish.

ever brave, ever strong, ever true: thank you (My faithful needles deserved a better home than a dusty drawer)

A New Home

In setting up my new surroundings, my needles have a new home. I found a magnetic spice rack – basically small tins that click onto a metal plate. They are perfect for visually displaying the variety of needles that we all use. A quick bit of labeling organized them into categories, leaving one tin to hold the weary needles (perhaps for paper or metal stitching), until their annual retirement party that is Hari Kuyo.

Thank you dear Japan

for Hari Kuyo. I am thankful for being able to visit again this year. Such wonderful people. This holiday from across the ocean is a good time to remember the strife of the Japanese people and their re-building. (A great support is Quilts for Japan, and on Facebook) Everywhere, there are signs: “Pray for Japan.”
Here’s to giving thanks, thoughtful reflection, hopeful prayers and wishes for plentiful inspiration sewn with fresh new needles.

with Waka and Yoko

My new friend, Natsuko

Halloween on the Ginza

Sew what you love!



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