Posted in May 2010

Big Book Debut Ends On A Grey Note

Some would say that it was a big day today. The anticipation was building. My daughter and I could not be together to share the event. So we did the next best thing— a steady stream of cross boarder text messages during the Season 6 Grey’s Anatomy! Seriously! I may have been part of launching … Continue reading

The wheels are on the bus

… and we are ready to hit the road to Spring Market! Threads: The Basics & Beyond has a fresh face. We received new galley copies for final edits and this is the newest version of the cover. It features a basic, 6 step color wheel (primary and secondary colors only) thread painted with 4 … Continue reading

The Diablo is in the Details

Book Review: Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Olé by Michael deMeng (2010 Northlight Books) The Newest book from “awesome-blahzhuh” artist Michael deMeng It’s hard to describe tropical breezes if you haven’t felt them So  goes the advice of Gail Cohen in “How to write a Guidebook.” Dusty Diablos is testament to Michael deMeng’s thriving on … Continue reading

Foolish Chattering

My stash building centers around books and threads. Fabrics can wait until the actual project planning (in an emergency, I have enough to let’s just say… ‘make do’). Spring saw the acquisition of several outstanding titles. I read Quilt Artistry: Inspired Designs from the East, by Yoshiko Jinzenji (2002 first edition, 2008 paperback, Kodansha International) from … Continue reading

Robert’s Six Words for Artists

I am a long time Robert Genn, Twice Weekly Groupie (you can subscribe to The Painter’s Keys, or play catch up with the hard-bound copy of ten years of previous letters in his Love Letters to Art – I have given 4 as gifts). At the tail end of today’s post, he answers what he thinks are the … Continue reading

Belated Book Binding

In the rush of the Horizon launch, the galley copy of Threads: the Basics and Beyond arrived for final edits. Liz had her copy and I had mine shipped from Landauer. In order to make the tight- tight- tight deadline for Spring market, we had to complete our edits in  <gulp> 48 hours! Meanwhile, Horizon … Continue reading

Living with a dash of purple

Just back from Canada’s very own Quilt-stravaganza, CQA Calgary. I traveled with Janome to preview our newest machine, the Horizon (officially known as the MC7700QCP). Of course, I didn’t excavate my camera from the bottom of my bag, but these are some ‘pictures’ of my favourite moments: Show and Tell: Sitting in the cheap seats … Continue reading