Threads: The Book

Threads: The Basics & Beyond

from Debbie Bates & Liz Kettle

and Landauer Publishing

This page is for anything newsy related to the book.

THREADS is nominated for the ForeWord’s Book of the Year!

What a delight to discover that Threads has been nominated as a Craft and Hobby Book of the Year by Foreword Reviews. It’s neat to think that one of the key audiences for this award is the Library acquisitions editor. When you consider the limited funding of today’s libraries, the thought that they would choose Threads to be borrowed, dog-eared and (hopefully) loved by users… that is special. The library is where I started learning (How many times was too many times to borrow colourful books by Yvonne Porcella?). Thank you to ForeWord Reviews for the honour (and subsequent all-over-happy feeling) and please wish Threads luck.


Threads is reviewed on Page 76. Click the image to see issue highlights.

A Little Horn tooting:

Pippa Eccles reviewed Threads in the Feb/March 2011 issue of Quilting Arts – Whoooh!

Some excerpts:

“…you’ll be hard pressed to find a more encompassing overview of countless sewing techniques and Bates and Kettle will inspire you to experiment and take risks with your machine and hand sewing.”

“The step-by-step guide to thread painting is unintimidating and clear enough for even the most novice machine stitcher.”

“The possibilities are endless and the resulting samplers are just as beautiful as any finished piece”

Wow. (that is all I can say… I hope that you agree.)

Some reviews:


2 thoughts on “Threads: The Book

  1. Love the book and a group of us are working our way through it. I’m only on Page 34 and the Moss stitch. I’m using vanishing thread in the needle and a cotton variegated in the bobbin. I’ve loosened the bobbin quite a bit and changed the top tension from 7 to 4.5. I’m stitching on a cotton with a stabilizer. I can’t seem to keep the top thread from breaking every few minutes. Any more tips? Should I change to an invisible thread instead of the vanishing thread? Thanks for any help. Ann

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