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Where Did Your Needles Take You? Hari Kuyo 2012

Where Did Your Needles Take You? Hari Kuyo 2012

thank you terror thank you disillusionment thank you frailty thank you consequence thank you thank you silence ~ Thank U, Alanis Morissette Hello HARI KUYO: February 8, 2012 An elegant moment; an opportunity to pause and reflect; a time to acknowledge the humility of thanks: Hari Kuyo (otherwise known in Japan as the Festival of … Continue reading

It is time to gather your tired needles

Hari Kuyo is coming… Will your weary pins and needles find rest? Feb. 8 is the day for this traditional Japanese ceremony of giving thanks to our smallest tools for their service throughout the year. Wishes are made for a year of bettering our sewing, while old pins and needles are given rest in a … Continue reading

Small Moments

I could not post about Hari Kuyo (pervious post) without having a ceremony of my own. The day did not go as planned… as days have a habit of going. I packed up my ribbons and needles and headed to work. I thought that we could do the ceremony there at lunch, since there would … Continue reading