Posted in July 2010

(Th)Read Letter Day

Amongst all of the happy chaos of family coming and going at our house, the delivery man quietly laid a small package in my hands. I found myself alone in the kitchen, opening and unexpected envelope. Threads; The Basics & Beyond has arrived. My stitches and stumbles, in all of their unkempt glory, are now … Continue reading

The Found Object: Honouring the Imperfect

Cas Holmes is one of those artists who leaves you with a lot of questions. I was fortunate to ┬áspend a few days with her a few years back in several workshops that changed the way I look at textile art. There is no confusion over deciphering if her work is an art quilt. It … Continue reading


THANK YOU to all who visited to check out the A – to – Zed thread list. Your comments and emails helped me to grow the list significantly. (Of course, now the shopping will ensue). But I digress… It is time to award my little thread bundle of thanks. I assigned numbers straight down the … Continue reading

O Canada, Sweet Canada

As an American living in Canada for most of the last 20 years, I want to say thank you to the country that I call home. Canada Day: July first; day of our red-white and beau coup flags & fireworks. When the kids were young, we all wore our red and white and carried flags … Continue reading