Posted in June 2010

U-topia found

Ahhh… success. I have found my  “U,” for a utopia of stitch options… (well, okay, not quite) Sulky Underthread or Coats & Clark Upholstery Nylon. I never heard of Underthread as a formal name, but I have had a trusty spool of the Upholstery  Nylon for years! It is perfect not only for its namesake, but … Continue reading

Thread Hunting and the Elusive U

Stop, shadow of my elusive beloved Image of enchantment that I most desire Beautiful illusion for whom I happily die Sweet fiction for whom I painfully live – Juana Ines de l Cruz Do you live for the chase, seeking what you have yet to find? If you love stitching, this may be just the … Continue reading

X-Ray Thread, indeed

This teensy note is to verify that, indeed, I have successfully googled something called X-Ray Detectable thread. Not often found in use domestically (I am thinking…), it may be “heat or gamma irradiated.” All’s I know is that it fulfills my need in the “X” category (and it is such a pretty blue). More to … Continue reading

Sew and sew

I spent most of the day on the road today to see two shows before they closed: The Grand National and Threadworks. I’m so glad that I went… The work that these artists have created was more than just eye candy… it was food for the soul. At Grand National, I was lucky enough to … Continue reading