Posted in February 2011

Blog Tour and Six Word Give-Away

In Stitches Blog Tour Launches This Week Today, Pokey Bolton announced on Quilting Daily that she will host a blog tour! I am so excited to be a part of the second edition of In Stitches and happy to be a destination for the blog tour bus this Thursday. Pokey is offering an amazing prize … Continue reading

I’m In Stitches

Discover an eMag treasure of artisans & techniques Have you seen the digital magazine called Quilting Arts In Stitches? I had my first peek today when I got to see the article I submitted on Passport making and was excited with each click. This on-line only magazine delivers a jolt of creative, colour-rich excitement as … Continue reading

Hari Kuyo Valentine

A February Holiday mash up for the sewists in your life. (Caution: These pointed valentines are sharp- handle with care)   You may have read my Hari Kuyo post last year which ended with my own needle ceremony. I was inspired by the many images that I found of various celebrations in Japan. Some were … Continue reading

It is time to gather your tired needles

Hari Kuyo is coming… Will your weary pins and needles find rest? Feb. 8 is the day for this traditional Japanese ceremony of giving thanks to our smallest tools for their service throughout the year. Wishes are made for a year of bettering our sewing, while old pins and needles are given rest in a … Continue reading