Posted in January 2011

Line Upon Line; Thread Paint Tip #3

Fireworks in the bedroom with this easy bed wrap stitchery These pretty ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons inspired this thread Painting exercise. The thread is Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP, 5 different colours. When just starting out, or if you have a particularly finicky fabric, try using an 8 inch hoop to create this radiating … Continue reading

I Want to Dye, So I Paint

The hand dyed textiles of Wendy Richardson convinced me to covet hand dyed fabrics. Her work is luscious. She takes the most ordinary of fabrics and makes them extraordinary. Outdated, ugly or passe pieces have the potential to become shining stars in her hands. Seeing the work of admired artists often leads to the conclusion … Continue reading

Tiny Thread Painting Tip #2

Surprise Yourself When it comes to painting a background, reach for the variegated threads. Either tonal (various tints and shades of one colour) or multi-colour will work. These will add interest without having to change spools –┬ájust keep on stitchin’! One of my absolute favourite discoveries has been Linda Palaisy’s hand-dyed threads. They are artisanal … Continue reading

Tiny Thread Painting Trick

Try it, you’ll like it!   When stitch drawing or sketching (“thread painting- lite”), consider stitching your drawing twice. Make the first round in a thread that blends well into the background. This can help with: – the placement of the motif – practicing the fluid drawing motion – adding interest, shading or depth to … Continue reading

Slow Going Sewing

That’s it? A good part of the weekend has been spent huddled in the batcave over a SMALL sewing project for Janome. about 15 hours has gone into something that I would expect a 3 hour class could cover. What is wrong with me? Let me explain from behind the scenes: Our theme this year … Continue reading


We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets. –┬áMarilyn Monroe, 1926 – 1962 Note to self: Don’t grow old, just grow. Happy New Year