Tiny Thread Painting Tip #2

Surprise Yourself

When it comes to painting a background, reach for the variegated threads. Either tonal (various tints and shades of one colour) or multi-colour will work. These will add interest without having to change spools – just keep on stitchin’!

One of my absolute favourite discoveries has been Linda Palaisy’s hand-dyed threads. They are artisanal threads, hand-made in small batches, and the colours are extraordinary! Surprise bits of hues like a vibrant pink or lime green will jump out from more muted colours. This effect is very exciting when filling a dynamic background on something like the pear piece above.  Unlike  threads that are dyed in regular intervals which are also very useful), these less predictable threads create more movement and a definite sense of colour blending.

Check out Linda’s website to see some of her offerings:


Paint on.


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