Bundle up your stash for a good cause

You know that feeling when you meet a GOOD person? (Of course anyone can be a good person, but some people simply exude ‘goodness’). They make life feel wonderfully worth earning on a daily basis. I do not know if that makes sense, but I do know that I met such a person.

Bev Rogan of Quilts for Japan woke up one day and wanted to help a whole bunch of people that she saw were in need. So she learned how to use Facebook, got the help of her son to start a modest website, and started making phone calls. And now 1700 people have comfy, cozy quilts to make a cot feel like home in a relief shelter. How GOOD is that?

Not one to rest for long, Bev is at it again. Project Threads of Hope is aiming to provide Quilt Kits to those in need, by getting quilters (and other strangers) to dig deep into their stashes and Cut, Bundle & Send some goodness around the world. Can you help?

Kits are due by September 24 at locations in the US and Canada. Click the Project Threads link to learn the full deets!

Join up with her on Facebook and you might even win a copy of Threads! (Threads for Threads – it just seemed like a good fit).

Come on’ – you’ll never use all of that fabric anyway, right? : )


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