Curriculum Vitae


Me and my two editor bosses!



2007- 2010: MARK LIPINSKI’S QUILTER’S HOME MAGAZINE– Regular contributing writer

2005 – Present: A NEEDLE PULLING THREAD– Featured Artist, Columnist “Creative Musings”

2006 – Stitch Journey’s: Your Passport to Sewing with WonderFil Threads, written with Liz Kettle

Work published in Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilting Project by Karey Bresenhan, A Needle Pulling Thread and Cloth, Paper Scissors.

Work presented In Houston, Chicago, and at local galleries.

Guest Instructor on Linda MacPhee’s Workshop (5 appearances, Series 5 & 6)

Guest Instructor on Daytime, Roger’s cable


  • Over 10 years experience teaching from local shop settings to national and international venues.
  • Frequent teacher at Toronto’s Creativ Festival in the Spring and Fall.
  • I have taught across Canada and in the U.S. and  regularly travel to guild events and large sewing shows.
  • Lectures and full day classes on freeing your creative sewing spirit and learning the techniques of the Art and Mixed-media quilter.
  • Experienced educator for Janome Canada

I developed an original workbook method for learning a wide variety of quilting and mixed media techniques called a Passport. It is designed to be a low cost, easy to complete (now there’s a concept!) project that you can build on and add to over time. Passports are tactile expressions of your creativity… working with the materials that you love, in the colours that bring you joy, using the techniques that you want to explore!

Professional Development:

In addition to a firm foundation in the basics of quilting, I went on to pursue  Classes with artists such as Cas Holmes, Michael DeMeng, Katie Pasquini Masopaust, Leslie Riley, Lisa Englebrecht, Laura Heine and Libby Lehman. Pursuits outside of Quilting in fine arts and graphic design also influence my work.

I have worked as a national educator for Janome Canada and now serve as their Marketing & Media coordinator. I believe that my dual careers make for an interesting interface between the two.

In my formal education, I have my B.S. in Counseling and Education and graduate studies in Psychology with extensive work experience in the field. I have a certificates in Business Studies and Creative Writing and Literature.

I want to learn more about photography and digital imaging as well as graphic design.


Ever since I was young and saw my grandparents watching Lawrence Welk and listened to my Mother’s Herb Alpert records, I have wondered when I would “grow up enough” to listen to their music. I think that the Tijuana Brass is pretty cool stuff, but I still like NIN, Jack White and Pearl Jam way too much to settle into the music of “my age.” What is that anyway? Does being close to fifty mean that I have to start conforming to preconceived notions of that age?  Am I just oh-so immature for never having enough black in my wardrobe (at least until they come up with a darker colour!)? I raised 4 fabulous kids and think that my husband is the best thing that ever happened to me (but don’t tell him). I wore my share of floral jumpers and drove the requisite mini van. I felt the pull to pastel colours and perfect points but was drawn also to the renegade dangling threads. Now I share a cross generational love of vampires with one daughter and a rediscovery of the saints with the other.My boys would rather not know what I am up to right now (ah, but some day, maybe…).  Chaos guides me to infinite possibilities! I accept the inner battle of Chiaro & Scuro and look forward to what I will stumble into next.


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