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When falling into the rabbit hole that is the internet, it is always nice to come out with something to show for your time (well) wasted. Today I stumbled upon Subversive Stitchers: Women Armed With Needles, and what a lucky find! Dawn has all sorts of wonderful fibre-type links (check out her featured artists or the sweet story about sweaters for stressed chickens).


part of Lesleys Angel in the House Series

part of Lesley's Angel in the House Series

What originally led me to the blog was Dawn’s interview with Lesley Riley.I learned about how Lesley took her Women’s Studies degree and intertwined it in her art. In 2005 Lesley rocked my world when it came to creating stitched art. She made it simple. She used luxe fabrics and “crooked” stitches, and she dared to call it “quilted.” For me, Lesley redefined quilting, broke open the mold and let the inmates out of the asylum! (Put another way, Lesley was one of the influential stitchers in my life who helped to make sewing fun again.) Learn more about her work from her website or drop by her blog.

Maybe my theme for today is to be a little subversive… break out of my own asylum of creative blockiness and stitch on!

“Sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities” 

~ Erica Jong.


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