Think of Him as a Best Buddy


Maybe he will come for coffee?

I have this friend that sends me an email every so often. Not one of those pesty “forward this to 8 friends or go broke” kind of emails, but a warm greeting, as if he was just telling me the highlights of his day that I might enjoy. He is generous to a fault. Never wants to sell me anything and even lets me flop on his sofa to chat with his friends and look through his books. He “gets” the creativity mindset on so many levels and he is definitely a glass half full (to overflowing) kind of guy.

My husband doesn’t really know about this friendship. Being more of an engineer kinda guy, I may have wrongly excluded him from the conversation. Afterall, Robert seems to me to be the type who can have an engaging converstaion with anyone… priest to prostitute and leave them feeling like the world is an okay place.

Of course, I am just one of Robert Genn’s 30,000 or so friends that receives his Painter’s Keys Newsletter. He is based in B.C., but is currently posting email from Ireland! A recent letter spoke to each of “reinvesting in our own personal uniqueness.” He went on to encourage:

“It may have been done before–but not by me.” “Something worth doing is worth doing differently,” and “Oh, the lovely feeling of failure.”

I do feel a genuine kinship with this man. He gives me a boost or a  boot, depending on the day! His website is a community of artists sharing their thoughts, and his collection of quotations related to art is unrivaled. I am happy to introduce you to him as a friend. I’m sure that he would love to welcome you to his circle (and you can sign up to receive his awesome newsletter as well).

To close: from his quotations collection:If you can’t learn to do it well, learn to enjoy doing it badly. (Ashleigh Brilliant);
Good, bad, or indifferent – it doesn’t matter, just work. (Shelley Winters); and
A thing is worth doing at all, it is worth doing badly. (Gustav Holst)


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