And the Winner is….

I have been doing a bit of traveling and following the advice of Eleanor Roosevelt, doing things that scare me! Today is the big bloggy draw for the winner of Sunshine & Rust. I counted through all of the comments (excluding my own),  and did a random number draw to select the winner. A big … Continue reading

Thanks for Stopping By

Welcome to Day 4 of The IN STITCHES Blog Tour My name is Debbie Bates and I will be your tour guide today. If you missed yesterday’s stop with Jackie Cardy, you may want to back track for a colourful Yorkshire Visit with silk purses, a rhubarb cloche and mention of an apple ginger trifle … Continue reading

Day two of Blogapalooza is on

Have you been following Pokey’s QA IN STITCHES Blog Tour? Here’s the link & the schedule: Monday (Feb 28): Jane Davila: Tuesday: Lynn Krawczyk (March 1): Wednesday: Jackie Cardy(March 2): Thursday: Deb Bates (March 3): Friday: Deborah Boschert (March 4): Saturday: Michelle Allen (March 5): Sunday: Liz Kettle (March … Continue reading

Blog Tour and Six Word Give-Away

In Stitches Blog Tour Launches This Week Today, Pokey Bolton announced on Quilting Daily that she will host a blog tour! I am so excited to be a part of the second edition of In Stitches and happy to be a destination for the blog tour bus this Thursday. Pokey is offering an amazing prize … Continue reading

I’m In Stitches

Discover an eMag treasure of artisans & techniques Have you seen the digital magazine called Quilting Arts In Stitches? I had my first peek today when I got to see the article I submitted on Passport making and was excited with each click. This on-line only magazine delivers a jolt of creative, colour-rich excitement as … Continue reading

Hari Kuyo Valentine

A February Holiday mash up for the sewists in your life. (Caution: These pointed valentines are sharp- handle with care)   You may have read my Hari Kuyo post last year which ended with my own needle ceremony. I was inspired by the many images that I found of various celebrations in Japan. Some were … Continue reading

It is time to gather your tired needles

Hari Kuyo is coming… Will your weary pins and needles find rest? Feb. 8 is the day for this traditional Japanese ceremony of giving thanks to our smallest tools for their service throughout the year. Wishes are made for a year of bettering our sewing, while old pins and needles are given rest in a … Continue reading

Line Upon Line; Thread Paint Tip #3

Fireworks in the bedroom with this easy bed wrap stitchery These pretty ribbons from Renaissance Ribbons inspired this thread Painting exercise. The thread is Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP, 5 different colours. When just starting out, or if you have a particularly finicky fabric, try using an 8 inch hoop to create this radiating … Continue reading

I Want to Dye, So I Paint

The hand dyed textiles of Wendy Richardson convinced me to covet hand dyed fabrics. Her work is luscious. She takes the most ordinary of fabrics and makes them extraordinary. Outdated, ugly or passe pieces have the potential to become shining stars in her hands. Seeing the work of admired artists often leads to the conclusion … Continue reading