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Bundle up your stash for a good cause

You know that feeling when you meet a GOOD person? (Of course anyone can be a good person, but some people simply exude ‘goodness’). They make life feel wonderfully worth earning on a daily basis. I do not know if that makes sense, but I do know that I met such a person. Bev Rogan … Continue reading

Day two of Blogapalooza is on

Have you been following Pokey’s QA IN STITCHES Blog Tour? Here’s the link & the schedule: Monday (Feb 28): Jane Davila: Tuesday: Lynn Krawczyk (March 1): Wednesday: Jackie Cardy(March 2): Thursday: Deb Bates (March 3): Friday: Deborah Boschert (March 4): Saturday: Michelle Allen (March 5): Sunday: Liz Kettle (March … Continue reading

Blog Tour and Six Word Give-Away

In Stitches Blog Tour Launches This Week Today, Pokey Bolton announced on Quilting Daily that she will host a blog tour! I am so excited to be a part of the second edition of In Stitches and happy to be a destination for the blog tour bus this Thursday. Pokey is offering an amazing prize … Continue reading

Kindness has a way…

…of catching you when you fall. I discovered this lovely review of Threads on Violette Severin’s Blog, Hand Quilting. Miss Violette actually said that the book was “one of the best quilting books of all time.” I’m sorry— it is probably bad form to gush over such a kind and generous review- but thank you! … Continue reading

Big Book Debut Ends On A Grey Note

Some would say that it was a big day today. The anticipation was building. My daughter and I could not be together to share the event. So we did the next best thing— a steady stream of cross boarder text messages during the Season 6 Grey’s Anatomy! Seriously! I may have been part of launching … Continue reading

The wheels are on the bus

… and we are ready to hit the road to Spring Market! Threads: The Basics & Beyond has a fresh face. We received new galley copies for final edits and this is the newest version of the cover. It features a basic, 6 step color wheel (primary and secondary colors only) thread painted with 4 … Continue reading