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Voice Training

Class wrap-up and Award Run-up Having gathered together since September, our creative quilting class established a comfort with one another that gently came to replace expectations of “learning more stuff” with “learning important stuff.” The syllabus for the class listed an array of techniques that we would explore, but on our final night I asked … Continue reading

Blog Tour and Six Word Give-Away

In Stitches Blog Tour Launches This Week Today, Pokey Bolton announced on Quilting Daily that she will host a blog tour! I am so excited to be a part of the second edition of In Stitches and happy to be a destination for the blog tour bus this Thursday. Pokey is offering an amazing prize … Continue reading

Houston 2010: Making Magic

From Stowaway to Book Release: I owe a good part of my pursuit of a goal to Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Little Toto seized the day and the Wizard’s fluttering curtain fell to the floor. The inner workings of Emerald City were revealed. Moral of the story: get behind the curtain. (ok – that was … Continue reading

Ten Lessons in Craft Publishing: Paper Roses at TCCE

Dateline: The Creative Connection Event (TCCE) Editorial Breakfast – This posh nosh was the perfect setting for the talented line up of editors/authors/entrepreneurs in publishing on stage, all generously sharing their advice to a room filled with bloggers/artists/ published authors and yet-to-be discovered talents. I nearly opted out of attending this panel discussion in order … Continue reading

The wheels are on the bus

… and we are ready to hit the road to Spring Market! Threads: The Basics & Beyond has a fresh face. We received new galley copies for final edits and this is the newest version of the cover. It features a basic, 6 step color wheel (primary and secondary colors only) thread painted with 4 … Continue reading

Color Forecasting

This is “old news.” Turquoise is THE colour of 2010. Mimosa (pantone 14-0848) was 2009’s hue du jour, or so says Pantone and the Color Institute.   Color trends that we see today had to be predicted long before we, the general public, could “consume” them. Fashion, home, beauty, advertising and even quilt shop selections … Continue reading

Quilt like a Rock Star

I’m coming clean on my music of choice. Trent Reznor/ Nine Inch Nails is my current obsession. Dark. Deep and screaming… for when you need to “feel it” (Warning: explicit content not suitable for all audiences) Some will disapprove, others will just be confused, but if I am going to be the genuine me, I have … Continue reading

Am I a SWAG hag?

There are two kinds of artists left: those who endorse Pepsi and those who simply won’t. Annie Lennox Annie makes me want to be on the side of those who won’t endorse. It just sounds so much more pure and good. Artists want purity and goodness (an peace and love and organic foods only eaten … Continue reading