Threads: The Basics and Beyond takes Bronze in 2010 Book of the Year Awards

"Dreams of Spiritual Strength" by James Jackson - A bronze sculpture spottedon a recent trip to Portland

I am oh-so-happy to share that Threads has been awarded the Bronze Award in the 2010 Forewords BOTYA.

What an honour to be included in the company of the talents of Amy Barickman, and her awesome Vintage Notions (silver).

Or the irresistibleness of Brenna Maloney’s Socks Appeal (gold)

Each book fulfills the mandate of sharing a unique voice, but I find that we also share a common thread. We are all writing about basic ideas, products and techniques and how they make magic in our ordinary days. The loving comfort of a simple sock toy; the enchanting appeal of common sewing tools in our contemporary sewing spaces and the powerful potential of a simple spool of thread in the hands of its user. These simple things bring joy & fulfillment.

I did not have a bronze medal to show, but I wanted to share a little bit of bronze from a photo that I recently captured with my phone (apologies for the poor resolution). This bronze sculpture, from Native artist, Jim Jackson, held my attention. There was so much to see in every contour and embellishment (the horns, feathers, dress and staff – what do they all mean? What spiritual strength does he seek?). With each achievement comes the seeking of a new goal, the pursuit of a next step, the looking beyond.

So many thanks and happy dances for this moment and congratulations to Liz, Amy and Brenna. Here’s to this moment and to good things to come. Here is to celebrating the ordinary and to dreaming of that which makes a difference.

Always seek, and

Sew what you love!


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