Good Night Room

My corner of the world disappears

The once burgeoning bat cave has gone from terrifying to tame. My overblown stash of fabrics, threads, paints and ephemera has been stripped down to the essential pieces. Downsizing to a smaller place has challenged me to look closely at what I keep; to ask myself what is important to my creative story building. So as I look to the west, I need to say goodbye to familiar things. (To those who love Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon, my apologies, but I think that you would understand the sentiment.)

In a Great Grey Room….

where once were
fabrics strewn
and a superhero for to swoon
Now stands a post in the middle and an empty chair
A vent that leaks and barren baskets that squeak
A corner now empty, for hiding fabric-a-plenty;
A peg, a pipe and creations hushed
and a beautiful sink filled with coloured paint slush
Goodnight Room
Goodnight Moon
and goodnight memories of fabrics strewn.
Goodnight post and goodnight chair,
Goodnight leaks and squeaky squeaks.
Goodnight secret corner
Goodnight pegs for dyeing and pipes for fiber-tying
Goodnight creations hushed
and goodnight beautiful sink filled with coloured paint slush
Goodnight stars and goodnight stairs,
Goodnight stitched memories everywhere.

The Classic Goodnight book - Reading the words reminds me of short goodbyes to the days' toys; long goodnights to children out of the nest and now the meloncholy farewell to my creative space


2 thoughts on “Good Night Room

  1. Oh Debbie: How happy/sad you must feel. How exciting to start this new chapter in your life. Don’t forget us in the old chapter!

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