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Next Stop on Pokey’s Quilting Arts IN STITCHES Blog Tour

Welcome to Day 4 of The IN STITCHES Blog Tour

My name is Debbie Bates and I will be your tour guide today. If you missed yesterday’s stop with Jackie Cardy, you may want to back track for a colourful Yorkshire Visit with silk purses, a rhubarb cloche and mention of an apple ginger trifle (yum!).

I am one of the artists featured in the second issue of Quilting Arts IN STITCHES digital eMag. My article was about using a Passport (C) or workbook format to create samples, try new techniques, tell stories or simply explore your art form. You can learn more about the article in the Feb. 23 post below, or better yet, subscribe to In Stitches! You won’t be disappointed with this new, tree-friendly format that offers all sorts of up close opportunities in photos and video.

A quick introduction

Click the image to MADMEN YOURSELF!

Fans of Madmen will recognize the art of Dyna Moe in all her vintage glory! My Madmen Gravatar tells you a bit about me:

  • I work in Marketing, but harbour secret girlhood dreams of becoming a stewardess (before they were known as flight attendants, and back when the job was more fun!)
  • I prefer pumps to flats and patiently await the return of the neckerchief (close cousin of the ascot; the accessory of choice of Bruce Wayne Adam West, my hero)
  • Shopping is a fun pastime, but can not hold a candle to a good double shotgun game of House of the Dead two.
  • I wear my hair short, spiky and in its natural state of sparkly greyness
  • But like so many women, appearances can be deceiving –  inside all of us lurks greatness – from our little “g”goddess to the artist within; the  “Jackies or Marilyns” and any other super-heroine persona that we may hold close to our hearts.

I work, teach and stitch. I sew what I love and hope that you do to. Life is too short to stress over a craft that should bring us joy.

And now a teensy bit of stitching…

Super-Secret Emergency Cash Stash Key Ring

A quick little project that you can whip up from scraps or ribbon in about ten minutes: I would love to make stuff for my kids, in particular, my boys. But they really do not want my stitchy things. This little key ring hides a secret stash of cash to see them through an emergency taxi ride or spot them should their wallet be lost or stolen. It is inspired by my Mom’s old charm bracelet. One particular charm was designed to look like a little gold bank building. The door opened and inside was a teeny folded twenty-dollar bill (a gift from my grandfather so that she would never be totally broke!).


  • 9.5 inch strip of ribbon (minimum 3/4 inch wide; 1 inch is better)
  • Thread of choice (strong enough to secure seams)
  • Grommets and setter tool (I use a Crop-A-Dile (TM))
  • Optional: Additional narrow ribbon or trim, tear away stabilizer as needed

The goal is to stitch a folded ribbon together, add grommets, tuck a bill inside and fold the ribbon over so that each grommeted end can be threaded onto a key ring.

  1. If adding extra ribbon or trim, stitch this down the centre of the main ribbon OR if adding text, free-motion stitch this to one side



  2. Finish each end of the ribbon with a zig zag stitch. (Forward and reverse a few times to bind the end of the ribbon).


  3. Add a grommet to the centre of each ribbon end (this grommet will only be through one layer of ribbon)
  4. Fold the ribbon wrong sides together (good side of the grommet facing out)
  5. Stitch each long outer edge of the ribbon together. When stitching next to the grommets, you may have to pull the ribbon along as it binds under the presser foot (or hand tack this part). Be sure to leave the narrow end open – this is the opening to tuck the folded cash inside.
  6. Add a grommet to the FOLDED edge of the ribbon (this grommet passes through two layers of ribbon).
  7. Fold a $20 bill (or bill of choice) in half lengthwise, and fold again. The bill should now be narrow enough. Fold it over on itself to shorten the length. The bill is now approximately 1/2 inch wide by 3 inches long.

    folded bill in upper right

  8. Tuck the bill into the open end of the ribbon. Push it just beyond the grommets.

    Make them flowery: make them ‘manly’ , make them your way.

  9. Thread each end of the stitched ribbon onto the key ring. This ribbon takes on the feeling of a webbed strap. No one will know that there is money inside. It is just tricky enough to work the bill out of the ribbon that your loved one will think twice before using the emergency cash, so it should be available when it is really needed.

Our Tour is coming to a close

Thank you for dropping by! To share in the festive feeling of our tour, I am offering a Six Word Giveaway opportunity in the Feb 28 post below. Describe yourself or your creative style in six words. Share these in the comment field, here or there- I’ll find them!) and next week (March 8th  ) a random draw of eligible entries will be made for a magical crafty box filled with stitching goodness!

Be sure to continue along the tour tomorrow as 12 by 12 artisan and author,  Deborah B (Boschert) is on deck. Her blog is filled with more stitchy goodness.

Safe Travels & Sew What You Love!



29 thoughts on “Thanks for Stopping By

  1. Love the keyring…have two grand daughters thatI am going to make one for …also am going to do one for myself.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial.. a great idea. Six words to describe my creative style: adventurous, curious, vintage-y, open, colorful, unexpected

  3. I love the little money keeper! When I was young, we were told to keep a dime handy so we could make a phone call. Man, how times have changed. I’d love to make one of these for my son who’s 16 and out and about quite often. Thanks for a great tutorial.

  4. I loved your article in the QA emag! I’ve been trying to get myself to focus on making a similar fabric book for hand embroidery experiments for ages!

    Love the idea of the key chain, too – off to Tweet about it.

    🙂 Linda

  5. I love the key chain idea, I’m definitely going to make some for gifts.
    6 words: fiber, overdyed, hand embroidery,landscapes,crochet

  6. That key ring is “mighty” clever…I will be making several. Me = wife, Grandmom,life coach and cats’ vallet ;>)

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