I’m In Stitches

Discover an eMag treasure of artisans & techniques

Have you seen the digital magazine called Quilting Arts In Stitches? I had my first peek today when I got to see the article I submitted on Passport making and was excited with each click. This on-line only magazine delivers a jolt of creative, colour-rich excitement as you make your way through each article. From technique tutorials to up close artisan interviews and special product focus pieces, In Stitches brings a new way to see, learn and carry us away into the world of textile arts that we all love.

I really like the look of the eMag and the fact that I can store it on my computer instead of my over-burdened bookshelf. You can visit In Stitches at http://www.interweavestore.com/Quilting/eMags.html to learn more about subscribing. Or have a look at this review for a closer look at this format: http://www.craftypod.com/2010/07/08/emag-review-quilting-arts-in-stitches/


Tuning new pages




A play on the concept of Illuminated Manuscripts

What can I say, I need a theme.

The project featurespages that play on the idea of an Illuminated Manuscript. When given the task to create several new technique pages, my first question was “what will the pages be ABOUT?” I thought that the seven heavenly virtues gave me a nice starting point of seven concepts to work with.


What more could a girl need?


Once the idea took form, the serious play began.
Piles of fabric, threads and embellishments began to grow. Some false starts and “also ran” ideas got pushed to the side and I started to bond with the work. You know that feeling, where excitement trumps fear and things start to click? That’s when this addiction called ‘creating’ grabs hold of us and will not let us cook, eat or properly clean a toilet until an idea takes satisfactory form. Each new piece builds skill and style, but more importantly, confidence.

If you see the article, I hope that you like it.
I know that In Stitches will spark your own ideas that will take you on a whirlwind tour of inspired creating. Most of all, I hope that passing along these thoughts and how-to’s helps you to connect with your own vision and voice.
Be Brave &  Sew what you love.




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