It is time to gather your tired needles

Hari Kuyo is coming…

Will your weary pins and needles find rest?

Feb. 8 is the day for this traditional Japanese ceremony of giving thanks to our smallest tools for their service throughout the year. Wishes are made for a year of bettering our sewing, while old pins and needles are given rest in a soft sponge cake or tofu.

This day gives me the chance to ponder my previous year of stitching and look at what I hope to achieve in the next. What new direction do I wish to follow? What new skill do I want to learn and how will I improve upon what I am doing?

I could lose myself in consideration of the secret life of my sewing needles and get caught up in my own Shinto-Christian turmoil, but I am content to honour the animas of these tiny tools which make my career and art possible. This day of thanks-giving is beautiful in its simplicity.
How will you celebrate?

My 2010 needle thanks-giving


5 thoughts on “It is time to gather your tired needles

  1. Hi Debbie,
    I think you made reference to this last year!!! Very cool and the internet is a great resource for more information.

    Just wanted to let you know that I was so happy to see that your book was featured in the what’s new section of the Quilting Arts magazine. Now that a very auspicious beginning to 2011!!!


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