5 Trendy Trends Spotted in Houston

Reporting from the Bates Motel Hotel:

The Bates Motel, Houston Style

Notes from the Road

Back home, I’m still sorting out my notes and stash adoptees from Houston Quilt Market, but on the road, hotel rooms make for mind numbing boredom great down time to finally get some images posted. In my eyes, this year really did bring a sense of change. The industry’s answers to meeting the needs of up and coming sewists is being seen in fabric choices, prints, patterns and project ideas. There were cross-over products from scrapbooking, romance in dewey fresh fabrics, tons of texture, old-school big stitches and smiling new faces to be found.

1. Paper Arts Come to Play:

Pretty projects in a paper & fabric fusion

Mixed Media artist Christine Adolph introduced her romantic Harmony Rose line of fabrics from Studio e. Christine has been rocking mixed media arts with her rubber stamps and licensed products. She brings fresh ideas to what we can do with our favourite fabrics.

Christine's stamps

Other signs of co-mingling the worlds of paper and fabric came from Simply Renee with quilt and craft organizing systems including the awesome ribbon organizer that I can not help but covet. Just the thought of clearing all of my clutter to have a neat and efficient workspace is inspiring. If it’s a hit with scrapbookers and all of their thingamabobs… and I have a lot of thingamabobs…. Check out Renee’s blog to see more photos.

Witchy Fun: Halloween at Simply Renee

2. Kinder, gentler fabrics:

Fresh designs can be ever-so soft and lovely… Jenean Morrison has designed Wild World for Free Spirit, one of the prettiest collections on the floor. Check out the bike & guitar on her booth:









Also have a look at Jenean’s blog to see many of the photos taken by her hubby Joel to promote the line. Their story of getting all of the props to the booth was just too sweet. Seems that there was actually no room for Jenean in the car, so she had to fly. I hope that they got to enjoy a ride home together.








Also under the Free Spirit Banner is Anna Marie Horner’s Innocent Crush. Hearing Anna talk about the evolution of the collection an all of its names like ‘LovesMeLovesMeNot,’ ‘Queen of Hearts’ and ‘Slow Dance’ was great fun. Her prints are not just quilting cottons- Anna brings us Velveteen (yum!), sateen and voile.

The Gathering Flowers quilt is so very cool- light weight and textured with twists of color in a dimensional fabric twist at the centre of each flower square.











Another surprise discovery on the Free Spirit booth was Ty Pennington’s new Impressions collection, set out in a stylish looking lounge layout.

3. Texture Reinvented:

Texture was big-big-big and could be seen everywhere: quilts, home decor and accessories.

YoYos: Ty had them, Clover had a new oval YoYo maker and they could be found exquisitely applied in Shin Lee Chin’s quilt.

GRACE by Shin-Hee Chin of McPherson, Kansas— Stunning use of the humble yoyo!











Kathy Davis showcased blooming applique, while Bari J featured textured collage:

4. Big Stitches are BIG:

Piece O Cake Designs showcased their Daisies & Dots, but they also showed the trend towards blending BIG stitches with more subtle machine quilting. I am just loving this blend of big and little that allows for playing with threads.









Also spotted this Quilt (apologies, as I missed the source):

5. Fresh Faces:

Simply lovely and exciting new ideas are debuting at Market. New authors and designers that are changing the way the newest quilters quilt and sew, and the way (for some of us who have been around a while) we look at an art that keeps re-inventing itself.

Alison Newman and Kaitlin Witte released their Thread and Bobbin which is filled with easy, fun, do-able ideas to cuddle under, share as gifts or use around the house. Small ideas (like easy quilt blocks) gain new lives in multiple projects to let the novice or time-crunched sewer build her skills, confidence and sense of accomplishment. The projects are designed to be done in a weekend or over several week nights after work- because, often that is all the time that we have to do what we love. Smart idea – I could actually finish something. The duo’s blog continues to inspire with more projects and postcards from the sewing life.

Alison & Kaitlin

Wish I got a better pic of one of my favourites










Colby Decker of Make Your Day Designs (Too cute!) made such a great presentation on reaching out to new sewists. She showcased her new patterns, bringing such a fresh style to sewing that I just wanted to take up yoga or find someone about to give birth and in need of these rainbow baby bumpers. (OK-  the caffeine eventually burned off)











Her glitzy purse and jewelry  patterns are perfect for any age from prom to a spa weekend. I love the contrast of glitter and textiles.









That covers the highlights for now. Even the not so comfy bed looks inviting at this hour… There are more tidbits to share.

Until then, Sew What You Love…


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