Delicious Pairing: When Thread & Fabric Inspire

I am in that no-man’s (no-woman’s) land of the creative process between the assembling and the doing. This is the scary territory for me, where all of the doubting questions jump from behind seemingly good ideas or open up fissures in the floor below, causing me to fall down another rabbit hole of false direction.


Art Gallery Fabrics & Star Quilting Threads: Good looking or what?



Doing the Unstuck

To quote Robert Smith, “it’s a perfect day for dreams come true, for thinking big and doing anything you want to do.”
I sorted through some of my Quilt Market finds for an upcoming project and found this lovely little pairing: these Art Gallery fabrics (the Feelings Collection) just look so awesome with Terry White‘s new colors for Star Quilting thread – I have to let them play together!

I love the text and font - play



A sample of Terry White's Thread art projects for Star (click for more)




"Chocolate" deliciousness!


















My Process

I tend to fall for patterns first and then back track my way into my own project palette. Since I want to highlight the stitching in what I do, I need to look for solid/mottled/batik fabrics that let the stitches shine alongside these pretty patterns. In this case, I have added some basic Kona Cottons to pick up the background supporting role. One good starting exercise is to just play for a while with the threads. Take them for a test drive and see how they perform. In this case, I want to look at how the color-changes in the variegated threads look in different stitches.


Potters Clay, #847, looks juuuust right.

I like the ornate, decorative motifs of the fabrics and think that they will become design element features. The next step, now that I have assembled the players, will be building the story. After pulling together some embellishments, I start sketching. I have to be on the road for a while, so this is a good portable part of the process (you CAN take it with you!).


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