Houston 2010: Making Magic

Market-eve collage

From Stowaway to Book Release:

I owe a good part of my pursuit of a goal to Toto from the Wizard of Oz. Little Toto seized the day and the Wizard’s fluttering curtain fell to the floor. The inner workings of Emerald City were revealed. Moral of the story: get behind the curtain. (ok – that was not the ONLY moral…).

For me, the long storied Houston Quilt Market was hidden behind a curtain. About 8 years ago – I attended my first Market under ‘less than official’ circumstances. Call me a stowaway but I got behind the curtain and once here, I was hooked! The seeds of a vision were planted. Market became my happy place.

Freedom lies in being bold.  ~ Robert Frost

Fast forward through years of small steps, plans scrawled on napkins over champagne cocktails and a restless pursuit of a goal and here I am, still in my happy place, with a book at Market. I didn’t always know what I was doing or exactly where I was going. I stumbled along the way, learned a lot and found joy. It has been magical.

The charm on this Magical Wand of Wonders says "Be Bold"

I imagined making a wand for each of the thread manufacturers… but circumstances did not allow for more than this one made for Aurifil with their Mako 12 and Wool threads.

This is just simple little post, but maybe it will have meaning for someone out there who is seeking their own magic- that something special that brings meaning and joy.

Sew what you love!


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