Creative Connection: Her Voice

Bird on a CHarm by Linda L. Land

I used to believe that my totem animal was the crow, but have come to accept that I am more of a pigeon. Crows are dark, attractive and full of  mysteriousness an intrigue. So many women feel a kinship with the crow. Maybe it is the bird’s propensity for gathering shiny bits, or the sheen of their sleek black feathers (slimming!). Pigeons lack panache, and, well… they could use a little more black in their wardrobe.

A certain crow called me into Linda Land’s Flutter booth at The Creative Connection marketplace. She was perfection… framed in a gothic setting of vintage papers and murky colors, she called to me. But I resisted her siren caw. Instead, I fell prey to the sparkly necklace of a brooding chickadee. This little lovely, called Bird on a Charm, won my heart with her roughened magenta finish and dangling hearts  capturing her in a swirly-girly frame. She has her own bit of dark sophistication, balanced with a tiny, feminine velvet flower. I adore her, and want to make her a central piece in my new studio design (aka Batcave Redux). Linda’s style for creating her bird pieces stood out for me. Part bold color, part vintage, part sassy bling all mixed together like the spicy-sweet, dark and lovely Mexican coffee sipped earlier at Masa (YUM!).

Bird on a Charm, Linda Land

Bird on a Charm by Linda L. Land

Flash forward to a late night stroll with a friend along Nicolette Mall: A beautiful night to wander through the local pubs and Twins fan–filled streets. Looking down at the sidewalk, I saw these beautiful bits of poetry etched in stone shadows (subsequent Googling and asking hotel staff could not lead me to what these are a part of).

It all feels connected… Discovering an artist that particularly appeals in a sea of talent- seeing those words underfoot on a busy street… Crow or pigeon; hawk or chickadee- I need to use the wings that I was born with and speak with the voice that I have. There are lots of voices to be heard at Creative Connection, and they all have important stories to tell. 


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