My poor neglected blog- Or, How I am a casualty of the social media experience

My name is Debbie Bates, and I am a blogging failure.

Okay, I have taken the first step to … to what? Recovery? Deletion? Self-deluding promises of daily postings? Such great posting hopes, dashed with each procrastinated day of no-showing. How can I look myself in my profile picture? This is beyond failure- it is invisibility! I need help… I may have found some in Minneapolis.

I am attending what is sure to become a regular event of fabulousness- The Creative Connection. I am connecting- with new friends, work associates, and so very many new-to-me faces in the world of creativity. The place is humming with creative energy, not to mention decking the halls with women in the most fabulous artful ornamentation- pink ruffles, lacy tatters, frilly aprons, vintage accessories and boots, lots of cowgirl boots. But the playful packaging is just the beginning. These gals are doing some serious networking. There have been top shelf conferences, classes and keynote speakers. The agenda is fresh and enlightening. The speakers are some of the best that I have heard. And the message is clear- women want to connect- with each other and themselves. They want to find their voice and be heard. The encouragement is everywhere- there is a place for everyone at the table.

Be unique. Be original. You will find your followers, but don’t forget to also follow- pay it forward, backward and sideways by sharing in the conversation. A blog is a kitchen table, not a podium. This is not me telling you- this is sharing the wisdom that I am hearing. I hope that someone finds it helpful.

Maybe I have unknowingly stumbled into a blog-spa, because this just feels so refreshing. Maybe tomorrow we should all just attend in terry robes and slippers (boots are, of course, acceptable).

So, I am not sharing any great new stitch technique or book review. It is a small post, more self-encouragement than anything. If you are afraid to write because you think that what you have to say does not measure up, throw away the measuring stick. Keep writing. Look for your original self. She may share lots of common traits with others, but her special combination is like no other.


4 thoughts on “My poor neglected blog- Or, How I am a casualty of the social media experience

  1. I love your analogy that “… a blog is a kitchen table not a podium…” – so very true. And yes, I did find this post very helpful, considering I have been having severe doubts about what to write on my blog these last couple of weeks.

    Thanks so much for the boost I needed šŸ™‚

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