Our Tin Cups Runneth Over

Can you name this 'second honeymoon' Island in the middle of San Francisco Bay where we spent our 25th Anniversary?

The following has little to do with art, sewing or thread, but bear with me…

Getting back to art has been a difficult process. Post-book creative energies have been low, and I have avoided all things sewing. At first, my studio door seemed plugged with another big nasty glob of fear and apprehension, but I was able to allow myself space and time to recharge. And now I want to cross the threshold again.

This refreshed attitude comes after some well spent time away.

In particular, a surprise celebration of our twenty-fifth anniversary that brought all of the children home for 24 hours along with family and friends. And it was an absolute, TOTAL surprise.  This was followed by an escape week to California for just the two of us. The emphasis was on simple , fun time away over a complex (and planned to the nth degree) “holiday.”

We went to Disneyland and wore Mickey & Minnie Anniversary buttons. We rode Space Mountain at 7 a.m. We sipped coffee on Ventura Boulevard (hearing Tom Petty in our co-mingled brains) and then drove up the Pacific Coast Highway seeing seals near Hearst Castle and dolphins at Carmel by the Sea. We stayed in San Francisco at a beautiful hotel (okay, beyond beautiful, The Fairmont has been around since 1906… it is Grand, and we had no idea when we booked it). Then, after learning that you need to purchase Alcatraz ferry tours well in advance, we lined up in the early morning hours for a slim chance at a few precious ‘sold out’ passes and gleefully got to spend our actual 25th together in a Prison (complete with Alcatraz tin cups serving as our Silver Anniversary toasting goblets)
Later, we learned that the show Wicked was launched in SF and would soon be closing. Last-minute seats made for a wonderful, unplanned evening out. Afterwards, we walked and walked in search of a famed cable-car to take back to the hotel. We eventually gave up and hailed a cab, only to see the car just around the corner. (We really do apologise to the cab driver… we didn’t intend to run off like that…)

The final leg of the journey brought us to Lake Tahoe. Along the way we saw the Jelly Belly Factory and a billboard advertising a Stevie Nicks concert in Nevada. To our (again) surprise, our hotel was about twenty steps away from the Nevada State Line, right where she was singing – so what if we have to stand, she’s a goddess! Finally, we happened upon the annual Shakespeare in the Park (The Complete Works of Shakespeare; Abridged). What a joyous evening, sitting on lawn chairs with our toes in the sand and remembering  a similar experience in Delaware Park (Buffalo N.Y.) about 25 summers ago…

Can you imagine a more relaxing venue than this?

The trip was filled with a simple magic of letting go. For the first time ever… I did not over plan (I didn’t plan at all- a small miracle of “letting go” for me). Did I feel dopey and uneasy not knowing much at all about all of the great places that we visited…. sure. But, each day brought us surprises large and small that made the trip and the celebration more rewarding than any plan we could have scripted.

Indulge me as I raise a tin cup to the one I love, who is full of surprises. He reminds me to let go and trust in so many ways.
Allowing ourselves the risk of naiveté can bring many rewards.If I am willing to let go of pre-planning every step of the journey to marital or creative bliss, I have more than I will need. Some keys can unlock all sorts of doors…


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