THANK YOU to all who visited to check out the A – to – Zed thread list. Your comments and emails helped me to grow the list significantly. (Of course, now the shopping will ensue). But I digress…

It is time to award my little thread bundle of thanks. I assigned numbers straight down the comments list and then googled “free random number draw.” This is what I came up with:

Random numbers generated Jul 6 2010 at 23:46:24
by Free educational resources
for parapsychology, psychical research & mind magic. 2

Number two is the lucky number of Miss Ethel. Congratulations my dear. I will be sending off a collection of assorted threads for your to experiment with.

To everyone else:

I wish I could at least award you the home game of Threadopoly… but alas, I have not been able to convince investors of just what a smash hit it would be!

We might tart up (*) a thimble for a nod to tradition, but then there could be:  The Scissors, King Cone, Lil’ Bobbin, Mac The (seam)Ripper,  Pokey Tomato (the Pin Cushion)…. (and other assorted little hooligals game pieces)

Wicked Step Scissors at

THIS is a thimble!

Of course, instead of 4 railroads, we might have Quilt Shops, and instead of “Go” there is the Houston Quilt Festival (Except, I think that you spend $200 with each passing!). Houses and hotels become sewing machines and sergers. Buying a property consists of completing a technique or trying a thread.

This could be great fun on a retreat weekend, especially after Mr. Champagne bottle makes an appearance or two or three… (What? Isn’t he in everyone’s sewing kit?)

Keep it Fun & Happy Sewing

* Tart Up- The Act of ‘Arting Up’; To Art up an object is to give it one’s own creative spin. Anything from serious, capital ‘A’ art to low-brow, red lipstick tarting is acceptable.

(Clicking on the Monopoly board above shares and early rumor about a Monopoly movie. here is another one.)


2 thoughts on “Threadopoly

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment about the Mac and iPhoto and blogging. I do have iPhoto and it doesn’t list my pictures when I go through the photo attach link on Blogger. I may just take my laptop into the Apple store here and see if they can help me. Lol.
    I really like your blog! What brand of thread do you recommend for embroidery on my Janome Memory Craft? Who has the best color selection and ease of use with my machine?

    • Hi Lynda, Being a Janome girl myself, I have had the chance to use most all of the threads that I discuss here. I am a firm believer that you can sew with any thread (even if you need to ‘tweak’ performance with things like thread stands, horizontal spool pins, wraps, nets or just dropping it in a cup behind the machine). Janome makes their own acrylic thread which is quite nice, but I have also used Mettler, Isacord, Maraton, Madeira, Robison Anton (& Jenny Haskins by RA- she has some nice colors) & Wonderfil Rayons. All of these performed well. Color selection- I would not say who has the best- because that often depends on the store that you are shopping at. Who has the extensive line that you find what you like? I have loved madeira rayon, but have had trouble finding full color selections. You can also try threads not specifically labeled for machine embroidery to get different effects or finishes (like Coats & CLark or Valdani) – I say, just play. And good luck with the photos. I wish I had more info. Happy Sewing

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