Big Book Debut Ends On A Grey Note

OK, Please allow me this brief  personal indulgence.
Today was book launch day, but I am on my own,
away from home…

what a way to end the day!

Some would say that it was a big day today. The anticipation was building. My daughter and I could not be together to share the event. So we did the next best thing— a steady stream of cross boarder text messages during the Season 6 Grey’s Anatomy!

I may have been part of launching our book today at quilt market, but how can that compare to the season six barn-burner!

To the left, our editor, Jeri Simon (with a book of her own!) and to the right, the lovely Jeramy Landauer

Dinner plans had to be made early, and then just scrubbed.

It was an exciting day that I am very thankful for, but in the end, the day belonged to Grey’s (afterall, books get launched every day. How often do I have something in common with my darling daughter?)

I dread the txt msg bill!
But some moments are priceless!

(OKAY, tongue is planted firmly in cheek… it was a day to celebrate indeed!)

I shared little wee bottles of Ice Wine from Canada… a sweet finish, and a moment savored, if only during commercials.

We're gonna need more grapes! (One grape only produces one drop of wine). Yum.


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