The wheels are on the bus

The Newest Version of our cover

… and we are ready to hit the road to Spring Market!
Threads: The Basics & Beyond has a fresh face.

We received new galley copies for final edits and this is the newest version of the cover. It features a basic, 6 step color wheel (primary and secondary colors only) thread painted with 4 different thread weights in each color way.

The inner most circle is made using a multi-color or variegated thread that features the particular color (Brands include YLI Quilting, WonderFil  Silco and Marathon Cotton).
The Next band is done completely in Coats and Clark XP (YES, C & C thread paints beautifully!)
The third band is done in heavy weight threads (12 wt), through the needle. These include Linda Palaisy Hand Dyed, YLI, Aurifil Mako 12, Gutermann Heavy Silk and WonderFil Accent.
Finally, the outermost thread is bobbin stitched with  Kreinik, YLI, WonderFil and Prescencia.

We did not include all brands in the wheel simply because of our color availability— the important point is that you can thread paint with just about ANY thread, any brand, any composition, any coloration, any weight.

What you have can determine what your color wheel will look like

Making the color wheel is a fun exercise and the more the merrier! Expanding to a 12 step wheel pulls in the Tertiary colors. In this case, we got to include Robison Anton, Superior, Madeira, WonderFil, Mettler and Linda Palaisy in the mix.
You needn’t include all the different weights. Let what you have on hand guide you ( or maybe a wee shopping list could help fill in critical stash ‘thin spots.’)

We all meet up at Quilt Market this week for the release, including a Schoolhouse class to introduce the book to shop owners.

Maybe a few will earn their wings!


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