Robert’s Six Words for Artists

Soft October, Robert Genn

I am a long time Robert Genn, Twice Weekly Groupie (you can subscribe to The Painter’s Keys, or play catch up with the hard-bound copy of ten years of previous letters in his Love Letters to Art – I have given 4 as gifts). At the tail end of today’s post, he answers what he thinks are the most important words that an artist (or anyone) should know. By “know” I would also say acknowledge, embrace, seek… He suggests:

1. Love
2. Joy
3. Desire
4. Empathy
5. Kindness
6. Exciement

A collection of simple words that any of us could distill our own deeper meanings of life and art down to. It seems like a perfect list- short, sweet, positive and good. If I had to make it a “Top Ten,” maybe I would include:


Also-Rans: Hope, Sleep, Dance, Give, Spontaneity, Feel, Be

But then again, I can not live in the light alone. I need the balance that the darkness provides: Fear, Pain, Bleed, Cry, Forgive, Leave.

Stop and think about your words. Embrace them.
Maybe the shortlist is simply:



please chime in

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