Belated Book Binding

Signing off: The opening page of Threads (TBB)

The special delivery package arrives

In the rush of the Horizon launch,
the galley copy of Threads: the Basics and Beyond arrived for final edits. Liz had her copy and I had mine shipped from Landauer. In order to make the tight- tight- tight deadline for Spring market, we had to complete our edits in  <gulp> 48 hours! Meanwhile, Horizon promo materials and photo shoots are going full tilt! (Crazy, frenetic fun involving a top secret box, a miniature dachshund named Marvin and a bungled, but perfectly planned, shipping operation!)  Luckily, Landauer extended our working time  to carefully work through the edits. A color preview will be the next best thing  to a print copy for the market preview.

We are up to 178 pages! (And that is after a velvet machete worked through the all too-many-techniques submitted).

How the heck did THAT happen?

Happily counting down the days…


please chime in

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