BED WRAPS-Big idea; Small Quilt (part I)

My big ideas are best served in small portions. If I want to make a quilt, it needs to be a small quilt if it will ever see the sunny side of a mattress. It took me a very long time to realize that there was a place for me and my limitations in the wide spectrum that constitutes “quilting.” Queen-sized quilts are born from big ideas, big bags of fabric and big hours on the sewing machine. I love stitching, but I have a short attention span. My solution? A Bed Wrap.

A Bed Wrap is my name for the artful device found in opulent-to-ho-hum hotel rooms around the world. I have not seen them in the quilting world, but they seem to be a perfect solution for quilters who don’t quilt B-I-G. These wraps can be as simple as a folded blanket or a banded bit of colorful fabric. Some wraps are large enough to be a throw cover while others are nothing more that a textile strip. These wraps are the sophisticated substitutes for overly fussy (and usually icky) bedspreads. They  add punch to a simple room, often reflecting the color of an accent wall or accessories. They usually sit atop welcoming, fluffy white duvets and can fit in with most any decor scheme.

Bed wraps make good economic sense. Simply changing the wrap and a few throw pillows can refresh any tired room. They also take far less fabric and time to finish. Instead of draping my bed in one “quilt of a lifetime,” I can change it up on a whim with a different wrap to suit the mood or season.

A quick google image search yielded these examples of bed wraps in action.

(In Part II, I will show what I have done to wrap my own bed)

NYC: Ritz-Carlton
The W in Hong Kong
(listed as one of “the World’s Coolest Hotels”)

Delicate Cashmere in Tokyo

Even Motel 6 is wrapping their beds

Wraps as Bed Runners

Simple, and eye-popping elegant

Hotel Sophie, Paris

In Paris, they do wraps right!

Across the middle of the bed at Little Palace Hotel, Paris

Heavier weight fabrics in a small coverlet

Deux Fabrics in France!

There's no rule that says the wrap has to be across the foot of the bed

Calming a pattern-filled room with a swath of black at the Hotel Sax

From Designers: Jestico & Wiles (U.K.), Berlin. Bold Geometric Stripes


2 thoughts on “BED WRAPS-Big idea; Small Quilt (part I)

  1. Hi Debbie,

    Wow! I love this entry on bed wraps. I was recently at a hotel (I can’t for the life of me remember which one now but it might have been the Holiday Inn) and they had this “thing” at the bottom of the bed. I didn’t realize that it actually had a name! Very cool idea! It would be certainly be cheaper to buy neutral bedding and change out the “bed wrap”!!


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