Taking Aim

One of my favourite artists, Sabrina Ward Harrison is releasing a new gift line for Papaya.

"More Joy" panel for Papaya

Her book, Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself is filled with pure Sabrina. She fearlessly shares her questions and the path towards her answers as expressed in her art. That book is now 10+ years old…. (how did THAT happen?), and it was followed up with others: Brave on the Rocks, Messy Thrilling Life and The True and the Questions. A quote from Sabrina:

“…we must create what we need most to find… I don’t aim for pretty. I aim for release.”

I like to think of my life as a wild and pretty mess, with my definition of pretty not including “neat,” “tidy” or “organized.” The pretty is in the color and the texture and the laughter. Lots of things are out of place in my house and my stitching. Sometimes I pull it together for a fine presentation, but most days, there are lots of unsnipped, dangling threads. It all depends on what needs to be said and done.

I enjoyed the Olympics this weekend and was beyond impressed with the shooting (Biathalon trials?). Jean Phillipe Le Guellec (Canada) took aim and 1-2-3-4-5…perfect shots. Done. Such is the life of an Olympian… their calling to sport and perfection. I can watch in awe of this.
I am not an Olympian… (just in case there was any lingering question about that)

I aim for release. Releasing is the key. Perfection can come later if it needs to come at all. Making art is not an Olympic sport.
Life is messy. (Bury me with scissors…I’ll snip when I’m dead…maybe)

Sew what you love.


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