The Stitch is Back!


Liz and I are working with Jeri at Landauer to put the final touches on Threads: The Basics & Beyond and then off to print it goes for Spring Market. In the end, I wish that there was more time to work, but there are only so many pages to fill. Thank God for editors who can help to tame the word count!

The process has not been without it’s challenges: particularly, scaling the walls of self-doubt. Will something be right? good enough? appealing? Should it represent the sum total of my knowledge or be a fair and edited coverage of a small piece of the subject? I’ll post some highlights from the journey:

ADRIFT by Valery Milovic, Broken Toyland. (Image used with permission)

In the beginning:
just like most any project that I start, I was totally adrift… where to start?, how to set a rhythm?, get a focus, find a voice. I have the ability to do all of this, but seem to loose it each time I challenge myself to begin. I think that in the “finding” of each projects’ new, somewhat changed voice, we discover growth. A willingness to grow into and with a project is one of the keys to creativity. Embracing the unknown and trusting ourselves. It’s a helluva lot more frightening than repeating a past performance and staying within the boundaries of the familiar. Each start is one of those journey of a thousand miles moments… (Of course, so is getting up on Monday morning, or hauling ourselves off to the dentist…). Some things NEED to happen. We need to work. We need to take care of our teeth. We may not want to, but each step after the fist becomes easier. (I thought that the image of Adrift by Valery Milovic captured the searching and fear more perfectly than an image of an empty boat at sea… we are truly in the boat!)

Creative challenges that we set for ourselves NEED to be answered. We can take familiar routes, but they are never quiet as satisfying as finding our way through and out of a forest of low-hanging branches and thickets. Liz and I were down the road of this subject before with Stitch Journey’s. And let’s face it, most of the sewing world has NOT seen that little gem of a book! When asked to re-visit the subject for Threads, we had to ask ourselves how we could change what we did in S.J. to better cover our favourite subject. Without changing things up, where would the challenge be? But then again, too many changes would deviate from what Landauer had asked of us…. Hmmm…

For me, the first step of a project is visualization. I need to “see” it. To see this book happen, I first needed to see it’s color palette. More on that to come. I would like to share some snippets of this book-writing journey, as well as resurrect Juicy Thursdays (finally!)

Until then, I need to keep reminding myself: Life is short… Make Something of it!


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