Gifts for the goddess & From Market

(NOTE: This post was only a ‘Draft’ as I was not able to attend market due to my FIL-s passing. )

Goddess Passport

My favourite lady of embellishments, Miss Connie of Fiber Goddess will be at Houston Market next week and I owe her a present. You may know Connie’s work from her Diva Cord Maker. I have been embellishing with her lush fiber assortments for years (even under the strictest of budgetary warnings, I have made her booth my one indulgence).  (Please Note: For disclosure- This is not an advertisement, just an endorsement for a product that I purchase & love)

One neat return from market: The first mock up of our new book cover! Our original Passports were on display for shop owners to peruse, and the response was good. I’m excited (o.k., … AND scared!)

The "place-holder" cover


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