Quilt like a Rock Star

I don't suppose that he quilts?

I don't suppose that he quilts?

With Teeth (2005)

With Teeth (2005)

I’m coming clean on my music of choice. Trent Reznor/ Nine Inch Nails is my current obsession. Dark. Deep and screaming… for when you need to “feel it” (Warning: explicit content not suitable for all audiences)

Some will disapprove, others will just be confused, but if I am going to be the genuine me, I have to own up to what is in my CD player ( I will be the last customer in line to buy CDs at HMV…). My last (and most likely final) article for QH was called Quilt Like A Rock Star: Live it , Own it, Stitch it. I had the chance to interview some fabulous women to help me write the article. Some outakes:

From Lindsay Maines of www.rockandrollmama.com: “Rock stars put the thing that they are passionate about first, which normal people sometimes won’t get.” (Visit her blog for a healthy injection of remembering WHO YOU ARE!)

From Larkin Van Horn, lady of beaded decadence: “We need to take risks and try something different, even if that makes those around us question our changes.”

Jinny Beyer: “Go through the door that beckons, not the one that says ‘you should.'”

Maria Peagler: Goddess of the color wheel tutorial, shares her secrets of how to rock your quilt style

I sprinkled a few quotes through the piece. One favourite: “Song writing’s a bitch, and then it has puppies”- Steven Tyler, Aerosmith (I keep hearing this one as I struggle through book birthing).

One of my favourite parts of the piece? The sidebar written by my 17 year old daughter (Whom the magazine neglected to credit), Sam:

What does it take to be a rockstar?
1. CONFIDENCE- you have to have it, even if you start by faking it!
2. TALENT- Lots of “stars” out there do not have talent… they won’t be remembered in a few years. Some stars don’t have strong musical talent, BUT they can put on a show and that makes them memorable .
3. STAGE PRESENCE- You’ve got to captivate the audience.
4. LIKEABILITY- Don’t be a bee-atch

I can live with these.

Why am I mentioning all of this? I guess it’s because I am thinking of the magazine and the turn it will take (smell something burning dear?). I had some great women help with the writing of the story and wanted to get their thoughts out there in case they never see the light of the printed page. And, I needed to come clean on my Trent-addiction. I was actually fearful of including him in the story. Thoughts like: maybe I am “too old” for the music? Maybe I should have more ‘refined’ tastes? Maybe I should cut back on the swearing quotient in my music? Yeah. It was a question of balance, and I went ‘conservative.’ So, I am fessing up.
Be who I am. Sometimes I need to feel it, sometimes my quilts need to scream.


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