Head Down and Stitchin’ (while the world spins round and round)

Whats Next?
What’s Next?

So much catching up to do! Let’s start with the current crisis du jourMark Lipinski has left Mark Lipinski (ML’s Quilter’s Home that is!). My dear caped crusader of the quilt world has quit his “baby.”  I have been writing for him for 2 years, so I worried. Yes he is healthy. No, he has not lost his mind, but for reasons best left to him to share (or not) with the world, he has parted ways with his magazine (that sounds so full of intrigue/baloney on my part… I have no secret knowledge or scoop).
This made me think of him:

Can Quilting be far behind?

It takes mucho ca-hones  to jump off into the unknown… we all need to remember,” if we have faith, the net will appear” (if we have enough tequila, we will not worry!)

I went down to the basement about two months ago to start sewing. I have to come up for air, food, sleep and employment… but have otherwise been out of touch.
What have I accomplished? Some days, the answer is %ick all! Other days are marginally better. It is slow going. Slogging through the quick sand of perfectionism (and my idea of perfect is far from it!), I am trying to push through not only my fear of not getting it right (left-o-phobia?), but making something worthy of the task I was given.

Instant artist trick: Grids!
Instant artist trick: Grids!
St. Francis of Assisi, from a Scrapbook Passport
St. Francis of Assisi

12- Step colorwheel
12- Step colorwheel

The opportunity to write this book is a treasure, but with it came the AAA threesome (anxiety, apprehension and avoidance).

Houston is in just over a week. Maybe tequila is in order, since I’m leaping and there’s no net yet.

Then there is faith… that belief in something where there is no proof. I have no proof or guarantee that TB&B will come together, but I believe that it will. I believe that there is something worth sharing and saying and helping others to discover. I need to get unstuck and on with it… (Wasn’t there a “Cure” song,”Doing the Unstuck”?… It’s a perfect day for letting go. For setting fire to bridges, boats and other dreary worlds you know… Oh, now that is showing age and  a past life in music)
Mark has no promise of new opportunity, but he must have some faith that all will work out for what is right for him and his.
He must have felt the push to move forward, but what song was in his head?

Carla (A Needle Pulling Thread), Mark & Me

Carla (A Needle Pulling Thread), Mark & Me


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