Trailer Lessons

Alice is coming, Alice is coming! March 2010 will see the release of the new Alice in Wonderland from Disney.

Seeing the trailer made my art-brain synapses gasp! The color! The madness! The dark-bright Pop!
PRACTICE KEY: Looking to an image from a movie can be a great jumping off point for my next creation. Movie stylists (from costuming to directing) feed our creative brains. I can look at scenes and images I love and create color-stories inspired by them that have absolutely nothing to do with the original image. (And that is important, given that I do not want Disney copyright enforcement officers at my door- I don’t think they wear the Mickey Ears…) Instead, I am focusing on the colors, the moods they evoke, how they play together and maybe how they relate to my stash of fabric. I don’t have to pressure myself to do anything with this color-play. If I want to, I can. But it is also enough to simply play in the colors and learn what I love.
There are some great time wasters color tools available to re-imagine a movie image in color swatches:

See Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter March 2010. Play with his color story TODAY!

See Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter March 2010. Play with his color story TODAY! (Photo (C) Disney )

  1. Try the Adobe Kuler tool for some color swatch inspiration! (FREE, but you need to register). It allows for lots of custom tweaking. This is a link to my first Mad Hatter color story (generated by Kuler) and another (tweaked by me)

    first color study

    first color study

  2. Click to view the results from  Color Palette Generator
  3. Big Huge Labs Palette Generator (BEWARE: the main page tempts you with too many fun tools to inspire art-ing overdoses! Try the Hockneyizer, Badge Maker or the Bead Art image maker, as with my avatar image below)Palette Generator's Take on the Mad Hatter
    Palette Generator’s Take on the Mad Hatter
  4. Try a Different Twist at ColourLovers, where you can tweak your colors AND create patterns & plaids (Madness, below)
Madness (with a touch of the Queen)

Madness (with a touch of the Queen)

5. Download squad offers an excellent list of online color tools.

What other movies give me the color-liscious shivers?

  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  2. M. Knight’s, The Village (quit slagging him! I love his movies; especially what he does with color.)
  3. Twilight
  4. The Illusionist
  5. Marie Antoinette
  6. Nightmare Before Christmas (Tim Burton again, and his association with “9”)

What movies give your art-brain a jolt?

Bead Art image

Bead Art image


4 thoughts on “Trailer Lessons

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  2. I love love LOVE Tim Burton’s movies. Along with great colors, he has a “thing” for stripes (remember those snakes in Beetleguise?) I love getting inspiration from lots of movies: 2001 (the contrast!), Gone With The Wind (the sunsets!) and my favorite, The Red Shoes! I recently watched it on TV, and wrote a post about this movie in my blog:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Toni! So strange, I was at your blog for the first time today! Synchronicity! Yes, I will have to watch the Red SHoes. There are some movies set in the 50’s (I think) like Roman Holiday or Three Coins in a Fountain… The Italian Apartment, high ceilings, decorative trims, but also a simplicity of the palette and lines; sophisticated and subdued. It would make for an interesting series; setting parameters/ set design in quilt design. Asking questions and laying out guidelines give us constraints to work in. The constraints force us to make design decisions and stretch ourselves. (And then there are times when I want the movie to keep me company while a I sew and nothing more!) (P.S. Beetleguise ,Beetleguise, Beetleguise! He does Black and White oh so well!)

      • Two more colour links: – Pictaculous allows you to upload an image and it gives you fedback ideas in the form of previously created palettes from Kuler and ColourLovers.

        ANother is to check website colour balance. How could we use that? Hmmmmm.

        Both of these came up as “possibly related posts” when I was editing yesterday. I don’t know how they arrived, but they seem to have left, so I placed them here (With thanks to ?)

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