Coming Soon: Juicy Thursdays

Motivator: publicly commit to a deadline.

Each thursday, I might be just fearful motivated enough to get moving on getting something done since I am using my out loud voice. Some weeks will be techniques that are new to me while others might be new to you. Mixed in, there will be some reviews of books. This thursday, the technique will be basic bleaching and discharging. I am currently working on a small wedding gift and wanted some written words included in the piece.

To see the technique in the rubber-gloved hands of a master, take a look at what Bob Adams is doing.

Why “Juicy Thursdays” you ask? Well, Make-it Monday, Technique Tuesday and Try-it Thursday were all taken. Then I thought of “risk” or “risky” because I want to encourage taking creative risks or risking a sense of surprise. “Risky Thursday” didn’t roll off my tongue too well, but “risqué thursday” rhymed just right. Unfortunately, I am sure it would lead to totally unmet expectations or filtering, so risqué got thesaurused! Way down below entries of  lewd, obscene and bawdy, I discovered “juicy:”

Definition: exciting, interesting
Synonyms: colorfulfascinatingintriguingpiquant,provocative, racy, risqué, sensationalspicy,suggestivetantalizingvivid

Hey… That sounds like a little bit of alright to me! Juicy Thursday it is. To close, a little something from the Queen of Juicy herself, Sark:

SARK is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, and she is JUICY!

SARK is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, and she is JUICY!


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