Altered life

I want to believe. I so want to believe! At the round table review of my life (faith & religion aside), I hope to find Fox Mulder, Kirk AND Picard, Batman, M.Knight, the Area 51 Commander, Edward Scissorhands, the Vampire Lestat and an assortment of Stitch Punks among others raising a glass, giving a nod and saying that I did okay. These characters are just left of common weirdness with a twist of science fiction; their reality peppered with paranoia. Their bravery and brashness inspire me. While often flawed and misunderstood (Batman, not so much), they seek goodness in a life driven by passion. They want to change their world and alter their realities for the common good (Lestat, not so much).

Give me a misty, post apocalyptic world populated with tattered or somehow ruined characters and I am on-board with the mission! I’m seduced by the rust, wreckage and texture and am at home in the world of muddled color and decay. I believe in the monsters and miscreants, but even more is the maladjusted heroes that slay them.

So how can I resist the new movie “9” from Shane Acker?  If Michael de Meng and Tim Burton could digitally create  offspring, the result would be stitch punks! 9 is produced by Tim Burton, but Acker is the punk Daddy. (The link above is to the original short that was the basis of the full length feature.) I can’t wait for 9~9~09. I need to immerse myself into something tattered to feel the vibe! The new viral site is a handy art avoidance tool. But I’m feeling creative. I need to find something that needs altering. And if the muse doesn’t want to play, there is always my post apocalyptic sewing space!

coming soon to a theatre near you...

coming soon to a theatre near you...


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