Hurt Book Review

How many of us are on the Quilting Arts eMail list? The Hurt Book Sale is a shopping fix on the cheap! Some titles from it that I have on my shelves:

HURT – Color Works: The Crafter’s Guide to Color
This is the first book to bring the principles of color theory to a practical level and apply them to knitting, spinning, weaving, surface design, embroidery, beadwork, quilting, and paper collage. Deb Menz is a color goddess in the world of fibre and mixed media! For visual learners, she makes the color wheel come alive in whatever medium you choose!

HURT – Mixed Media Explorations: Blending Paper, Fabric and Embellishment to Create Inspired Designs
Beryl Taylor shows you how surprisingly easy and fun it can be to turn fabric, paper, stitch, and embellishment into unique pieces of artwork. Ok, just let’s go with “The BIBLE.” In the world of mixed media, Beryl needs to be on your A list! Invite her to your stitchin’ party…  pretty soon, someone will get out the heat gun and creative pandemonium will ensue!

HURT – Stitch, Dissolve, Distort with Machine Embroidery
Learn new and exciting techniques to dissolve, melt, and distort fabric, both before and after stitching. Two of my favourite ladies from across the pond! Valerie Campbell was one of my earliest book tutors (a shame that none of us will get to actually be in her classroom!), and Maggie Grey never met a fibre that she did not want to explore the delicious distortion of!


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