Art, Injured Voices & A Feather

I think that I just might fall in love with a new textile art! I was fortunate to be the keynote speaker at the OHCG annual banquet last night. What a fun and talented group! I got a private tour of the hooked rug show, as well as a peek at the vendors tables (OMG! Hand Dyed Wool envy!). One name I remembered was Wanda Works. This is a photo of wool from her website:

(No disrespect to any other vendors intended… just my poor memory!)

On a serious note: I learned about the the horrific plight of the women of the Congo and what one group is doing to help them. Women Matters, a dedicated group of rug hookers, are raising funds and awareness to help victims heal and find meaningful work to survive. They have re-created the imagery of artist Tilly Willis in an awesome hooked rug entitled Waiting. I believe that this piece will eventually be sold for the fundraiser. With so many voices in need, it is hard to sometimes focus on one… but the story of this voice will break your heart, and it is worth listening to.

Following my chat, one of the ladies brought me a feather that she had found. I am sorry that I did not get her name, but it made my night! Thank you for the feather, the camaraderie and all that I learned!


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