Quilt Market Reverie

It’s been 2 weeks now since I traveled to Pittsburgh for Spring Quilt Market. Wow! What a great show. The Quilt displays were the centre of the floor and attention. Having them in the middle of the action made them a ‘must see’ instead of an afterthought if there was time (at least that is what happens to me in Houston). In Full Bloom was incredible… This from a non-flower lover. Every quilt held a surprise and was worth the closer look. In fact, I believe that is true with any good quilt show… the quilts always reward upon closer inspection (and I do not mean looking for imperfect stitches). Every artist has her twist with color, technique or thread. There is always something to be learned. I took lots of photos but do not want to infringe on any copyrights. I do hope that the shows get published.

Other shows included: Celebrate Spring, The Sky’s The Limit, and Hands Around the World XXIV. All were awesome. The Daily rotation of the Festival Fashion show made you not want to miss a display (I think this show is done… I do hope that it gets reborn in another form).

I went to see the thread companies. Stops included: Aurifil, Presencia, Valdani, Kreinik, Superior, A&E (Signature, Mettler & Sulky), YLI, Gutermann & Coats & Clark. Special surprises were found at Weeks Dyeworks & Sue Spargo Folk Art.

Everyone was very gracious with their time. All of the companies really want to share their “Threaducation” with the public, and each was refreshingly respectful of all the other companies. They all have their unique products and design preferences. There were luscious products in each booth & some particularly terrific finds. Sue Spargo Distributes the most AMAZING wool thread… My pulse races just thinking about it! I think that it can be the next hot item in the thread world. The thread sewed beautifuly and had an incomparable texture. Just look at her “folk art” (what a neat twist on that genre!)


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