Creativ Fest Finds


We  have just wrapped up another Creativ Festival here in TO. I had the occassional wander away from the Janome booth. It is amazing how much damage can be done to the Credit card in just a “wee wander.”  Ooo, but treasures I did find. (Purposeful shopping though. I brought my book swatches and did some extended color stories from the Marie Antoinette palette that I developed. )

I have a new favourite booth/online shop in The Cloth Shop from Vancouver, BC. I met the lovely Maria Roder at her super fun booth filled with great samples and THE most Perfect Bali Bundles. Not only did I pick up several packs, I ordered more to come… yikes! Here’s a photo from Maria’s web site (that’s her on the right with April Cornell- ctr- and partner, Barbara Paxton, leftthe-cloth-shop



Some of the fabric that I picked up included: Par Avion from Michael Millerpar-avion-ocean



and a Swanky “layer cake”  from Moda Fabrics. YUMswanky-paisley2swanky-polka-dots3swanky-chez-moi2





I already have the sketches for the projects that go with these… in my head! (Does that count?). They are not in my typical range of fabrics, but I am trying to broaden my horizons and work with some prints. They have some great thread sketching potential.

(I entered a note about Farthingales corset supply on the ReVamp Blog!). I learned  some great ideas about corsetry for my Marie Antoinette projects in Thread Sketching.

So many ideas to work on…


please chime in

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