Beginnings & Book Building

The Building of a Book: I am an enchanted procrastinator… I love to plan a task with all sorts of imagined glories, only to run smack into the deadline, with the sketchbook of glories up in flames! One secret that I have to combat my wallowing in inactive planning is to set very public deadlines. I have some exciting opportunities on the horizon that I would rather realise my plans for beyond sketching them.

So here we go: I have a book deadline with Landauer Publishing with my writing partner, Liz. She just wrapped up another project with them on the Basics and Beyond of Embellishing)landauer-header2Our project is all about thread. We are thread junkies and we will mainline all sorts of weights, colours and textures into our work. So now comes the work of building this book.

Procrastination strategy #1 says: Go Shopping! And that I have done… except that it was shopping with a purpose. First we had to choose a book palette. We looked at the up and coming colours of 2009-2010 to choose colours that we love working with (ya gotta love what you spend hours and hours with). Hopefully, more than a few readers will find these  colours fresh and readily available in some fave fabrics come publication time. 

Check out this Fall 2009 Pantone Palette. So many delicious possibilities! I think I am in lust with the pantone-2009Warm Olive and Majolica Blue pairing. But there is still the potential for my pink/orange obsession and the danger of my true triad of purple/green/orange. And Iron can satisfy my muddiest desires! When I need to catch my breath, there are some restful neutrals to give me balance. Chaos strikes again! Do I want Bold? Soft? Peace? Deep? I want them all! No need to rein this palette in just yet…


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